Shoe Fittings

Proper Shoes and Fit = Improved Walking and Running

Shoes play a very important role for walking and running. Wearing the wrong shoe or a worn out pair can cause injuries that may stop you from walking or running. Thus, it is necessary for you to have your walking or running mechanics analyzed before you purchase your shoes. 

If you have a pair of shoes that suits your walking or running style, it's recommended that you bring them along with the socks you normally wear to purchase your new shoes. Many a time, the wear and tear patterns on your current shoes will provide hints of your feet type and your walking or running style.

The Process of Finding the Right Shoe

At The Sporty Runner, our professional staff will help you find the right pair of shoes. 
  • First, we’ll ask you a few questions to analyze your walking, running, or training styles and the problems that you might be facing with your current shoes. 
  • If you aren’t aware of your gait or the type of arch you have, we’ll ask you to walk barefoot to see the shape and flexibility of your arch. 
This information will help us figure out what type of shoe (neutral / cushion, stability, or motion control) is most likely to work well with your feet.
We'll then bring out a pair of the correct type of shoes, and have you either walk or run down the floor to watch your gait. This will help us understand that the shoe is working correctly with your walking or running style. 

Based on this analysis, we’ll bring additional shoes for you to try, until we have found the shoe that fits and feels best on your feet, and gives you the correct gait.
Visit us today to find the shoe that will improve your walking or running style!
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